The next decade will see  more change than the last 50 years. We are experiencing the highest rate of change in history, disruption, innovation, and opportunity.  Are we prepared to translate this level of change into our companies, products and marketing strategies?

So, what are the great marketing ideas that are so close  & within your grasp? What can we do in the next 3-5 years to help us grow and thrive in the next decade & in the boundless future?

The growth imperatives for marketing in 2019-20 and beyond drive us to explore untapped opportunities, new markets, push the limits of creativity, prepare for new generations, innovate at unprecedented rates, all the while keeping at bay the challenges of trust, transparency, privacy, identifying the right technology, finding the right partners and more…

ad:tech New Delhi will have industry experts in marketing and entrepreneurship, trend watchers and global leaders share their thoughts on what brands should be doing RIGHT NOW in 2019 and beyond.