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INTERVIEW – Up Close with Karan Gupta, Chief Executive Officer at

Gain insights into how video ad format is gaining ground, and is set to take-over a majority of the programmatic inventory in 2018

“Generating inventory can be difficult unless you are the likes of Netflix; investing heavily into creation of original, premium content. A wiser alternative to this would be exploring the option of working with tech and solutions providers who offer automation and have the capability to help create fresh, relevant video content that is always in sync with the publisher’s need.” To read the complete interview Click here

VIDEO – Is Taking Programmatic In-House the Best Decision for Brands?

Managing your programmatic campaigns in house, is always an option. However, let’s hear about some specific benefits and challenges, as Agilio, Nestle, Logicserve Digital & MediaMath discuss the possibility.

Programmatic is not simply the buying of ad inventory using platforms, but has a huge array of solutions right from buying, serving, creatives, analytics and so on. Approx 60% of ad spends in evolved markets happens through programmatic, and the India story is only trending towards the same, how much resources and expertise do we actually need to take it in-house?

POVs on Trending Topics from Industry Experts

Video is one of the fastest growing ad format on mobile. However, figuring out the right way to measure your video ads is tough considering each publisher has their own definitions of a view, completed view, skip timings etc. How does a brand like you ensure the convergence of all these metrics from multiple sources into his media plan and track the success of his campaigns in a unified manner?

Translating the multiple metrics of video advertising consumption per platform into a logical goal oriented media plan, is a tough task for any brand. We asked some industry experts to give us insights into how they go about creating value with video campaigns.

  • Srihari Palangala, Director Marketing India, DELL EMC
  • Puneet Rohilla, Digital Evangelist, Pizza Hut India

To read the POV’s Click here

VIDEO – Impact of Digital Marketing on Offline Sales – Connecting the Dots

Mydala, Xiaomi, Fabindia, Nykaa, Future Group discuss the various ways in which they measure the ‘impact’ of their digital channels, how it causes a significant up-tick in their offline sales, and how they measure this 'impact'.

While there is no fixed measurement solution to identify the effect of online marketing on offline sales, marketers have innovated to utilize existing tools like CRMs to connect the online and offline shopping experience.

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