MAGGI has been a household brand for the past 30 years having presence across categories ranging from condiments, culinary aids, noodles etc. It enjoys a huge amount of equity and bonding for taste amongst consumers. As the consumer base has grown over the years, it has been a growing need to engage with the millennials at a functional and an emotional level to strengthen the bond. MAGGI wants to be that ally to in home-made cooking which would give the freedom & inspiration to cook with a difference. Because MAGGI believes that the goodness of food is best delivered when it is cooked at home. To aid our vision, we are looking for new generation solutions that will help and inspire consumers to cook at home


Fragmentation of media is a reality today. TV ratings are no longer at a high they used to be; instead it’s the millions of on demand content that is getting consumed. The advent of multiple options like OTT, DVR, on demand video streaming platforms, has enabled audiences to consume the same content across multiple devices. Targeting audiences irrespective of the platform has assumed prime importance. The changes in the media landscape has led to reduced dominance of TV as a lead medium to reach consumers to build brands. While newer options which exist in the digital space have grown, it has also led to complexities in media targeting and measurement. As one of the largest advertisers in the country, we are looking for next generation solutions/platforms which will allow us to get more precise data/insights on the media consumption behavior of our consumers online & offline, help us target them better and measure the impact of media both from a efficiency and effectiveness perspective.


FMCG companies in India sell billions of product packs every year, however product packaging is still highly underleveraged as a consumer engagement medium. We are looking for solutions which help us deliver rich brand experiences to consumer which either stem from our product packaging or involve our product packaging in a unique and engaging manner.