Keynote - In Customer we Trust Reimagining next-gen consumer experiences in ‘the trust decade’

The mobile revolution that gripped India dramatically changed the digital advertising landscape in the last decade. Video ads took center stage, connected consumer experiences became possible and programmatic became mainstream. But this unfolded against a dark backdrop -- the crash in consumer trust. (Consumer trust in brands on social media fell, data privacy concerns escalated and at the end of the decade,people no longer trusted the brands they bought and used.)

We are now entering the 'trust decade.' To survive and thrive in this new era, brands will have to regain lost consumer trust through greater transparency, at a time when technology is poised to take a quantum leap. The 5G world will open up new and exciting ways for marketers to connect with consumers and their passions. Ad formats like XR will make never-before elevated experiences possible. Marketers will have new places to reach consumers like podcasts / audio, DOOH and CTV.

This keynote will show a path to how marketers can straddle technology, trust and transparency in a world where data will drive the personalized experiences consumers demand, but with a purpose for good. It will also outline how marketers can deliver the curated, personalized, exciting experiences consumers want, delivered with transparency, to rebuild lost consumer trust. 

Where & When
Thursday, March 19th
11:30am - 12:00pm
Congress Stage
Head Of International and E-Commerce