Srikanth Bureddy

Co-Founder & Director


Last mile performance is a big ask in the Indian digital marketing industry, and affiliate marketers are pulling all stops to stay ahead of the curve. How has ValueLeaf evolved in the past year or so to cater to the increased demand for transparency and measurement of end goals?

Valueleaf is growing itself as a “Parallel Agency” and strives to stay ahead by giving desired results to the brands that it works with. In the last couple of years market demands and requirements have increased, and in the process it is essential that all stake holders must take the responsibility to become part of this era. Valueleaf has grown multifold in developing this intelligence in-house on various platforms and strengthen its teams to achieve the last mile performance, and We have almost 80+ team members working on campaign optimization.

To see greater results. Every brand stake holder must treat affiliate as business partner and not just stop gap solution. All brands should keep affiliate industry above all to continue getting “Last Mile Performance”.

With increased laws around the use of data, already implemented in Europe and coming up in India, how are you preparing to tackle this problem? Should we expect the affiliate marketing industry to take a hit once this is implemented in India?

When SMS - DND introduced…All of us expected the SMS performance Industry to end, but it still continues to grow. We can’t say much about Data Protection, as it is still in discussion stage. Any medium is a bubble, only way to safeguard it is to develop intelligence across mediums, stay ahead of competition, and work with the policies.

With the emergence of Chinese networks, supply of inventory has increase manifold. However, problems associated with this like ad fraud have also increased. How are you working toward streamlining your supply chain?

Valueleaf is mainly focussed on Indian markets. As I mentioned, we depend on multiple mediums to increase the quality supply and keep investing on new traffic sources. We believed Native as a quality traffic source and have invested huge amounts to master this traffic and we are market leaders in this sphere today.

Voice based marketing is a relatively emerging supply stream in India. How is this working for you, and what kind of integrations have you done till date?

We use voice base marketing mainly for our work with FMCG brands in customer engagements. We use customized software and integrations for each of the engagement programs. “Voice is always a post-purchase medium for us”.