Girish Chaturvedi

Chief Business Officer – Acquisitions, Netcore

#BusinessTalk with Girish Chaturvedi, Chief Business Officer – Acquisitions, Netcore.

We met with Girish Chaturvedi to talk about B2B marketing, AI enabling a single consumer view and GDPR.

Email marketing is an important part of every marketer’s arsenal especially when it comes to B2B marketing. Can you share any insights into the trends in this space?

There are few trends which will redefine the way emails are used in near future. Firstly, there has been a major shift from emails primarily being read on laptops and huge monitors to being read on 4–6 inch screens (Mobiles), this having a profound effect on email design. Email copy has gotten much shorter. Next you can expect emails jumping from smartphones to wearables like Apple watch to IoT devices like car & smart fridge. This will lead short emails getting even shorter in lines of Push notification. So imagine a email message at the length of a subject line with a call to action.

Second is emails making transition from 'gateway' to 'destination', just like social networks Twitter & Linkedin. Campaigns will offer more in-app experience with embedded video & other interactivity i.e leads can be captured with the email body with no need for landing pages. All of these will enhance the performance of email as a medium.

With GDPR laws in Europe, and the Data Laws looming large over India how are you managing the ‘Trust and Privacy’ piece for your consumers.

Today many marketer are building clues from data signals received from their email campaign i.e Open tracking, device tracking, location, click through behavior etc without the explicit permission of the consumers. The new data & privacy law will empower the consumers to exercise their right to Opt-out/mask a lot of these context clues i.e inbox behavior like opens & clicks etc.Netcore being the largest ESP with about 45% market share is completely prepared to adhere to these data privacy guidelines.

Can you tell us a little bit about AI based products that you own.

Netcore has evolved from being a messaging company to MarTech provider, building its Omni-Channel Marketing Automation platform. It's a horizontal platform that connect messaging channels like Email, SMS, Voice & Whatsapp with Owned Properties like Website, App, Browser etc along with Paid & Social Media. The platform is capable of connecting emerging channel's like Internet of Things (IoT) etc. The goal is to connect the dots & bring 'Single Customer View' to the enterprise.

Our platform is designed to extensively use ML & AI (MLAI as we call it internally) to bring efficiencies in two key areas; 1) Customer experience 2) Cost per Engagement. The AI algorithms optimses campaigns by using - Send Time Optimization (best time to broadcast), Subject line Optimization (sentiment analysis), Smart Segments (preferences) to derive best performance.

Whats next in MarTech

We're working to leverage the convergence of Martech & AdTech, MADTech as its popularly know in the industry. Our team is working to eliminate the data silos & give marketers not only unified, centralized platform for customer data but also ways to act upon that data in a tangible way. In other words, the convergence will reduce fragmentation & give effective but disparate marketing tools the ability to work together for better results.

This is also a natural backwards integration for Netcore.

In this technology driven marketplace, what do you feel is the role of the creative? How can technology help widen the boundaries of creativity to improve consumer engagement?

Creativity plays a vital role in breaking through, making an impact & helping brands achieve desired customer attention. Infact, it play even bigger role when it comes to generating real engagement that leads to conversion.

Technology will always boost creativity. Today, consumers expect the messages they receive to be contextual & personalized. Insights from analytics & Data Management Platform(DMP) are enabling ability tobe more effective in tailoring custom creatives, thereby increasing its impact. Other technologies like Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) & Sequencing will help advertisers optimize their programmatic advertising performance of their creatives.

The future is to take consumer on a journey of experience with your brands, be the storyteller! Technology will be the enabler...