Sonia Singh

Director - Business Growth & Strategy

Collectent has seen a fabulous growth story, and Sonia Singh takes us through this journey, their strategy in navigating the Indian market, in-house tech, ad fraud, and talent management.

1.Collectcent has seen a fabulous growth story over the last 5 years, at a 200% YOY growth rate. What are some of the key attributes of your business strategy that have contributed to this growth?

We are the only Supply Side Platform which sets real user connection, by connecting direct Mobile App, Web and Connected TV publishers with Direct Advertisers. Additionally, our SSP platform has been oriented for delivering performance campaigns with AI led Optimisation & Analytics Modules.

Our Programmatic led Performance approach facilitates our advertisers to drive tremendous product visibility and achieve their Advertising objectives. We have always worked closely with Advertisers with a conviction to solve their advertising problems to increase their reach, visibility, sales and revenue at global level which has helped us grow exponentially in such a short period of time.

2. Can you share the details of in-house tech that you have built to serve brand marketing?

Our Supply Side Platform for Publishers ‘Motionspots’ is built on cutting-edge open RTB 2.5 technology, The platform supports all forms of publisher integrations like tags, header bidding, SDK and API.

Our Demand Side Platform for Advertisers called Vola.Ad is connected to top global SSPs and in addition to our direct publisher inventory.

3. What are some of the new forms of ad fraud to have hit the market, and what steps can brands take to stay safe?

Indeed a lot of new types of ad frauds keep hitting the market. Some of the common ones are CTIT, Incent, Click Spamming, OS Fraud, IP fraud, Click flooding, New device fraud, Click injection, SDK Spoofing etc. To stop this anomaly Collectcent adopts the following measures:

- We were the early adopters of the industry benchmark ‘App-ads.txt’

- At Pre-bid stage we use the best fraud detection tools available in market which means a lot of this fraudulent traffic is filtered out at bidding stage on our platform.

- To ensure post bidding quality, our in-house technology has methodologies like fraud intelligence database, proxy unmasking technology, device manipulation detection etc.

All this is supported by various quality evaluation parameters using 80+ Ad Ops team working round the clock to block bot and any IP fraud in real time.

We are also TAG Certified. TAG is a Global Association of Ad tech companies who are committed to eliminate fraudulent digital advertising traffic, combating malware, and we also proactively invest in various tools and participate in working groups, and committees across to clean our eco system of fraud.

4. Do you see an evolution in marketing metrics that advertisers are looking for? What are the new metrics that you see gain prominence?

Definitely, we see that marketing metrics are constantly evolving. Advertisers are not just looking for their Product visibility or user acquisition but also measuring how their Ad spend is translating into Sales & Transactions and further it’s leveled up to metrics like engagement & retention as well. Advertisers are now more open to share more data points and results to facilitate optimization for the delivery of high quality acquisition.

5. Please share an example/case study of any of your key campaigns, which was appreciated by your clients.

We work with a wide range of advertisers across genres such as eCommerce, gaming, social, travel, entertainment, etc. One such successful case which is on top of my mind is of a top OTT advertiser who wanted to drive high-quality acquisitions but since they already had a lot of organic visibility, they wanted installs and further post-install actions like registrations and subscription of the product.

We got them an average of 40,000 daily installs per day, resulting in 3-4 % of subscription. At the end of day 7 when we did a quality check on data points, we had more than 57% user retention with very high user engagement rate.

6. Talent management, hiring, etc is a big challenge, considering Digital is a relatively new industry. How has Collectcent managed to retain and hire efficient resources?

At Collectcent, everybody is encouraged to be a micro-entrepreneur, where their effort translates into organization’s growth which is well mapped with their contribution towards it. This leads to higher employee satisfaction rate. We let employees explore their passion and creative thinking and a variety of projects and roles are open for them to engage as per their potential.

We have an employee retention rate of more than 92% and we believe that the reasons for good retention are flat hierarchy, defined roles, ownership & freedom to explore opportunities. We don’t encourage micro-management and we always push our team to do things differently in a way that it’ll empower them.