Srikanth Bureddy

Co-Founder & Director

1.Do you see content as the fast becoming the holy grail of commerce? How can brands ensure that they are creating content that converts?

Yes, content is the e-face of the digital world but brands need to work on the right way of communicating so that the exact is decoded by content. Content should strike the right connection and should be reader-friendly at any given point in time. With the expanding internet penetration and online coherence, brands must also work on vernacular content.

2.Do you see an evolution in marketing metrics that advertisers are looking for? What are the new metrics that you see gain prominence?

ROI is the ultimate answer for every activity to advertisers. Every responsible person in the process should look for FCR (Funnel Conversion Rate) and LTV (Life Time Value).

3. In this era of micro-boredom and 5 sec creatives, brands are using newer forms of storytelling and using platforms like Snapchat, vine, memes, and 5 sec videos. Do you see this trend with your clients as well, and if yes, please share an example?

Yes, I have seen a few of them use short videos and I absolutely support crisp content with enormous meaning to it.

4. As gaming gains prominence in the country, how do you see this trend evolving in 2020? Is the Indian gamer different from his global counterparts, and what do you think drives this growth in India?

There are nearly 300 million gamers in India. Indian gaming is going to have a share of 1.1billion dollars by 2020. If that happens, a gamer will not have to do a typical 9am-5pm job to earn money. He/she can earn it by doing what he/she loves to do. Not gamers, but games are different, the major growth includes localization of games and traditional Indian games.

5. Ad fraud is not news anymore, but remains the biggest challenge to all part of the advertising food chain.  What are some of the new forms of ad fraud to have hit the market, and how can brands stay safe?

The impact of digital ad fraud now goes beyond diminishing the returns on marketing spends and can jeopardise the entire digital transformation journey. Bots and fake users cost India approximately 1.5bn dollars. Apps are the highest victims of ad fraud arising right from clicks to all events. The web is still in a better place. Ad detecting firms have access to the kind of massive datasets that empower machine learning to recognize anomalies. SDK spoofing & click attribution takes the peak in ad frauds.