Gurmit Singh

General Manager, India

Indians seem to love answering and posting Quora questions. Has Quora figured out why this is the case?

Quora's mission is to share and grow the world's knowledge, which is universal and relevant to everyone in the world. There aren't many free sources for high quality, credible knowledge online. The vast majority of human knowledge still resides in peoples' minds, and hasn't been published or structured. The universal appeal of our mission, the fact that Quora is a platform that optimizes for credibility and quality, and the strong network effects that we've built into the product, have helped drive our growth.

Quora has more than 300 million monthly unique visitors around the world, and a lot of them come from India. We don't focus too much on specific numbers beyond that, in general we optimize for quality and not just volume. Quora in India crossed the 100m Monthly Active Users (MAU) milestone in November 2019 as per Comscore numbers.

Tell us about Quora Self Service Ad Platform and also Managed Services

Quora has an amazing Self Service Ad Platform called QAM (Quora Ad Manager) . We made it available to advertisers in mid-May 2017. We have several Indian advertisers running ads on Quora. Managed Advertising Services for the last 2 years approx has been represented by httpool in India. Quora has now set up its Indian entity under the name of Quora Information Technology Private Limited. Managed Advertising Services with effect from April 1 of 2020 will be offered by Quora's own Advertising Sales Team.

Where will the ads appear? Are ads contextualised with the questions asked?

Ads on Quora appear on question and answer pages as well as in a users feed. We try to ensure our ads are relevant to the user and we offer a variety of targeting options to help our advertisers reach the right audience with the right message. We also have "Promoted Answers" which work well with a Business Profile.

What kind of interest have you seen from brands so far?

Brands, in India and other markets, have been interested in leveraging three core aspects of our platform:

* A highly engaged audience, with a huge number of Monthly Unique Visitors in India

* A high level of intent, with users researching important decisions. Our ads platform empowers brands to capture these user behaviors and bring the right message to the right user at various level of the marketing funnel.

* A safe place for brands to tell their story. We take Brand Safety very seriously, and our philosophy towards user engagement "Be Nice Be Respectful" along with additional controls for marketers to define what content gets associated with their ads.

In India how many advertisers partner with Quora?

Quora already has over 1000 active advertisers in India. We've had many businesses advertise on Quora since we launched our ads platform in May 2017. The success of several of these advertisers has been one of the many reasons we've chosen to have our own sales team in India.

What makes Quora unique?

* High-quality answers from credible sources

* A civil and safe place to share knowledge

* Personalized - The more you use Quora, the better Quora gets

* Evergreen knowledge - questions and answers that will be useful forever

How are answers verified?

* Answer credibility - we show real names and bios, to give reader evidence they can trust it.

* Users can vote and comment on each others answers, which gives indication of quality.