Article by Sunish JoseIndia Lead, Global Distributed Delivery, Publicis Media India

Best Practices in delivering programmatic personalization on mobile

How to best leverage Programmatic mobile penetration in current times?

It was a great panel discussion last week, on driving programmatic personalization through Mobile in current situation. These have been testing times for everyone , across the globe. These times have also had significant impact onadvertising.

Within advertising space , there has also been some really positive areas during these times like ecommerce as a category, OTT & significant increase in mobile penetration. In the discussion we aimed at decoding the impact of programmatic on Mobile durring current times.

Have you been able to fully utilize the significant increase in mobile penetration to your advantage?

it was not very surprising to see the spread been even across the group, with 39% being able to utilize the increase , while 32% unable to make most use of the opportunity. Another 29% is planning to go mobile in 2020-21.

Driving personalization during these times:

According to Vishal Rupani, Programmatic has a different story compared to other channels, 40% growth in programmatic for the first half of the year observed by mCanvas

  - Acceleration of programmatic should not be completely attributed to the pandemic , however it has definitely contributed. Many brands in India have been slowly moving to Programmatic since last year

  - In the current situation, many CMOs are heavily looking at significantly reducing their marketing spends.

  - Programmatic offers better Transparency, Control & targeting – this has been a key area of focus for many companies, there is high demand of sensory rich media ads using advance technologies like facial recognition, voice recognition meant to drive awareness also to be run on programmatic

  - Programmatic has grown 70% YOY

Mobile is leading the way on digital ads

If your strategy does not include mobile, then you would definitely see lower results says Gaurav Shitak.

For businesses that have had a hit this is a good time to venture into programmatic & mobile marketing. It is not an overnight journey as this needs significant investment in building the equity.

Start the journey now!

Current times give you the opportunity to focus in new areas if you haven’t been able to invest in the past due to business pressures. It is a good time to start spend time building the infrastructure, improve the understanding, implementing better Tech.

Driving personalization at scale:

Vishal Mishra’s advice is to start with targeting audience on basic behavioral areas. Utilize basic data segments and signals.

On site personalization helps drive consumer experience and this will also help scale across other partners & affiliates. This can be further expanded with tools like Dynamic Creative Optimization, so brands need to start investing on Conversational ads to start personalization at scale.

How to better utilize Technology on personalization?

  - Focus on fundamentals for early adopters: Choosing the right approach is critical. Start by reviewing data being used, explore various forms of personalization including user behavior, time of day, weather, etc. Start early with available technologies like AI, Facial recognition to serve contextual ads. Don’t try to over personalize, make the ads more relevant to the brand.

  - Post Covid Scenario: Users have significantly warmed up to mobile commerce, this has become a necessity & you may no longer need to incentivize users to drive adoption. Brands need to constantly adapt to the changing environment & continually evolve your strategy given the significant shift from offline to online. This would also mean you need to ensure the experience is seamless for the user and there is better retention. Competition would also be heavy in this segment.

Being recovery ready

Continue to focus on customer experience. Seamless transaction, respecting user privacy, being authentic will become even more relevant. Utilize the current times to test your cases, this would eventually help build a much more efficient system eventually.

Mobile Ad Spending Penetrationin India* is projected to increase from 13.8% (2020) to 18.3%(2024). Some of the leading markets like China & UK are operating at 63.6% & 53.3% respectively. This is the indeed the best time to start if you haven’t started utilizing the platform & for those who have seen these results unfolding should continue to strengthen their Technology for better results.