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BRAND SPEAK – Up close with Akash Gupta, VP, Marketing, MobiKwik

Gain insights on the evolving digital marketing ecosystem, biggest trends, challenges , evolving role of the Digital Marketer.

“With the push on demonetization, the trajectories have changed, we did what we intended to do over 12 months in 2 months flat..” To read the complete interview Click here

VIDEO – Keynote Chat @ad:tech New Delhi 2017

Catch Rob Norman in a fireside chat sharing insights on the Google/ Facebook Duopoly & challenges that arise from it

Google and Facebook dominate online advertising globally, gain insights into the nature of this Duopoly and its impact. Hear this interesting session

Tips For Brands Battling Social Media Trolls

POV’s on Trending Topics from industry experts

2017 is turning into a Year of the Troll and we’ve already seen numerous examples of how Brands can face savage criticism on social media.

Read these important tips on how Brands should respond in the face of negativity, from

  • Bhavana Mittal, Regional Head Of Media, Digital & Communications -Reckitt Benckiser
  • Hitesh Malhotra, Chief Marketing Officer – Nykaa
  • Salil Vaidya, Director & Chief Marketing Officer - DHFL Pramerica
  • Prashant Puri, CEO & Co-Founder - Adlift/Yral

To read the POV’s Click here

VIDEO – Keynote Session @ad:tech New Delhi 2017

Catch Kirk McDonald, President of PubMatic as he shares insights on Global Trends of Media in the Automated Future!

Macro market trends like programmatic, attribution models, mobile, native advertising etc. that shape how we access consumer attention and the automated future of the media industry.

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