“With increasing Indian consumers moving to smartphone, the local language content consumption will surely surpass English. This to me will be more on video, than on text as most of the local languages progressively are becoming spoken language or language for verbal communication than the preferred language for written transaction. This throws up the challenge of making video content conducive to the digital format. However, both business and marketers aren’t ready for this as of now. Firstly most of the businesses think in English and then try to execute the same in Hindi or any other language. Secondly the content creators specific to this medium are still in lesser number."

Shivanandan Pare, Head - New Digital Business


“The greatest delight in using Digital marketing is that the level of personalization of the messages on this medium is high. Personalizing the language is the most basic manifestation of this attempt. As is predicted, content consumption in Hindi is all set to be higher than consumption in English in less than five years. I would believe that given this prediction and a host of options available to marketers to localize content, marketers will get ready to embrace the new Hindi audience. Market opportunities always accelerate go-to-market plans for brands.”

Sunder Madakshira, Head – Marketing, India


"Observing trends on internet penetration, it is evident that the next billion online users in India and the Asia market would be predominantly consuming internet in local languages. Starting to capitalize on this trend, we are witnessing large Indian publishers launch language specific sites targeting individual states in the respective telco circles. To be able to tap this trend, brands and marketers should hyper-localize their messaging for consumers over the next 18 months or so. Learnings and approach for successful implementation of this strategy can also be taken from how region focused television campaigns are executed today.”

Dushyant Sapre, Commercial Director, India


"Content consumption moving from English to Hindi and Regional languages isn't a surprise. This would happen in the background of some favourable and necessary conditions.
First availability of high speed data connectivity and wider adoption of the same; data rates as an inflexion point is critical here. Second naturally is the content quality and availability, availability is not an issue even today to some extent, but the kind of content is very narrow in its spectrum and this needs to change. People to people broadcasting can possibly play a big role here.
Thirdly it involves a behavioral change of sorts where we start consuming short form content as against the sagas that we love.
And like many surprises in the Indian market we might see this shift much earlier with the right stimulus.”

Sujith Sudhakaran, Sr. Director-Brand Marketing


"Local languages and voice will surely be internet consumption growth drivers as it is now coming in from tier2 cities. With hardware supporting local languages, Entertainment, chat, social media and search have been early driver of it. Tamil being the primary language in the region has seen higher adoption. The challenge for India lies in diversity of languages and dialects, catering to larger part of it is going to be further catalyzed by government services, classifieds & digital payments in the midterm followed by regional and main stream commerce, this is where marketers have to start personalizing entire experience for their key markets besides supporting Hindi for the largest customer base that we will witness.”

Sumit Aggarwal, Director-Oracle Bluekai