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INTERVIEW – Up Close with Nikhil Rastogi, Country Head-Marketing & Digital Sales, Citibank

Gain insights on the biggest trends that we see today in the Digital Marketing ecosystem

“Digital media interaction and engagement with the customers are our top priorities. On an average, the digital media skew is greater than 50% which is in stark contrast to a 10% digital contribution three years back. 40% of our new business every month (credit card acquisition & loans) is done via digital marketing and is purely online. This is one of our biggest success stories.” To read the complete interview Click here

VIDEO – Panel session @ ad:tech New Delhi 2017

Hear about how to use Chatbots in Advertising! In case you missed this interesting panel with Nestlé India, Beaconstalk, Tapzo, Tenthavenue and Yellowmessenger

Marketers are beginning to capitalize on the time consumers spend on messaging apps and are developing their own automated messaging interfaces which enable relevant and personalized one-to-one conversations with consumers – on everything from financial advice to personalized beauty tutorials. The discussion will explore if it is potentially a huge business opportunity for anyone willing to jump headfirst and build something people want.

POVs on Trending Topics from Industry Experts

Do you think brands are investing enough on data management and cyber security?

A data breach, commonly defined as the unlawful and unauthorized acquisition of personal information that compromises the security, confidentiality, or integrity of personal information is on the rise with malicious or criminal attacks as the most frequently encountered root cause of data breaches in organizations. The question posed is to understand your view on how are brands investing in data management and cyber security in the present time?

  • Anisha Singh, Founder & CEO,
  • Shashank Saksena , Vice President, Digital, Aviva Life Insurance
  • Naveen Kukreja, Co-founder & CEO, | CMO –
  • Dhaval Jarmarwala, National Manager – Marketing & Sales, Faber-Castell (COLOP)

To read the POV’s Click here

VIDEO – Panel session @ ad:tech New Delhi 2017

Listen to this Interesting debate on AdFraud with DoubleClick, Cleartrip, M&C Saatchi Mobile and comScore battling this out

About 63% of total digital display advertising is projected to be purchased using programmatic media buying platforms and that Ad Fraud is one of the top issues. Fraud was one of the biggest problems faced by publishers – moreover with programmatic gaining relevance ever increasing technology it is a battle between the good & the perils of the same. When an ad should be counted as “viewable” and what impact different levels of viewability have are highly debated topics. The idea behind the debate is to face & understand the reality of Ad Fraud & how can an end be put to it

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