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INTERVIEW – Up Close with Neena Dasgupta, CEO and Director, ZIRCA Digital Solutions

Gain insights into the latest trends in Content Marketing, it's application & measurement

“Traditional metrics for measuring the impact of your content marketing are no longer enough. For brands to truly measure the impact of their content marketing they need to move away from traditional reach-based media planning to a planning methodology that involves evaluating the relevance and the effectiveness of content.” To read the complete interview Click here

VIDEO – Panel session @ ad:tech New Delhi 2017

Thinking of going programmatic? Watch Indian Express, Pubmatic, Mindshare India, Woobi and Oracle Bluekai discuss the various pros and cons of the trend.

Programmatic offers definite value to the ecosystem - better Yields for Publishers and Targeted Audiences for Marketers. However, Programmatic Buying and Selling comes with own set of Challenges, both Creative and Technology based, which need to be understood before your start your programmatic journey.

POVs on Trending Topics from Industry Experts

With ecommerce companies becoming stronger in terms of reach, data and consumer intent, do you see them shaping up as the next big media platforms in India?

Ecommerce companies are growing continuously in terms of user base and time spent. Add to that the rich data they collect, such as, consumer demographics, geographical location, psychographic intelligence, and above all purchase intent. It is probably much easier for an ecommerce company to pin point the consumer’s position in a sales funnel, compared to other media giants in the market. Let’s hear from the experts to see if manufacturers will see more value in advertising through ecommerce platforms vs. the media giants that they are currently reliant on.

  • Taranjeet Kaur, India Media Lead, Reckitt Benckiser
  • Hitesh Malhotra, CMO,
  • Advit Sahdev, Head of Marketing, Infibeam Inc.
  • Neel Pandya, Head Of Media at L'Oréal
  • Neeraj Singhal, VP of Business Development, Zeotap

To read the POV’s Click here

VIDEO – Panel session @ ad:tech New Delhi 2017

How important is it for brands to communicate seamlessly across devices and platforms? Watch Religare, Trivago, Gionee India, TUNE, and IBM discuss the various strategies that they are using to do this.

In a Multi-Platform Multi-Device word, it is extremely important for brands to use Data Efficiently, and capture the customer’s Attention in a productive manner. Connecting the Dots from mobile to desktop, through multiple advertising platforms, brands today are focussed on bringing the Seamless Stories to their Customers Across Devices.

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