How Performance marketing has become the centerpiece in 2020
  • Changes in customer behavior both during and post COVID-19
  • Higher engagement within mobile apps
  • Frequent purchasing patterns
  • Overall LTV improvements
  • Major changes in performance parameters

The newly emerging trends of 2020 shine a significant light on how the world is and will continue to consume products and services, both during and post-COVID. Digital adoption has made unprecedented leaps forward this year, with more people communicating, consuming, and conducting business online.

In this panel discussion, hosted and co-curated by Collectcent, we explore the top industries that are experiencing record growth right now. The aim is to understand the role that performance marketing plays within the current and future landscape. The effect of performance marketing on consumer behavior is evident and clearly measurable. The ability to connect with highly engaged audiences that are primed for longer session times and more frequent purchases, reinforce how performance is delivering richer than ever before lifecycles.

Let’s understand how these Advertisers took centre stage and adjusted with the currently growing demand of their products. A lot of these topics and lessons learnt contain cross-transferable knowledge that can help positively impact the growth of companies both in and outside of these specific industries.

Where & When
Tuesday, July 7th
4:10pm - 4:40pm
VP- Collectcent & ex-Playtika
Head of Mobile (Marketing) & SEO (Growth)
Vice President and Head- Digital, Content and Social Media Marketing
Business Head
Discovery Plus