The New Consumer Journey – Exploring and Influencing the pathways of the Online Consumer

The session will address how consumer behavior has evolved during the pandemic to discuss major trends that brands like Dyson, Colgate and Wavemaker have seen, and how they are responding to it.

Major trends discussed will be:

  • Complex omnichannel customer journey
  • Consideration portion of the funnel is growing
  • Trust in online channels is increasing
  • Consumers are also looking for a seamless experience while doing all the above

What can brands do?

  • What should brands be doing in this scenario to influence the purchase decision, which is no longer only just about high-quality established brands or best price.
  • How do they identify where their consumer are present, where are they discovering and researching brands, and are willing to interact with the brand?
  • What is the role of advertising in this journey, and how is the role of advertising changing across platforms
Where & When
Tuesday, July 27th
3:50pm - 4:30pm
Session 3
Commercial Director
Chief Digital Officer
Associate Director - Integrated Marketing Communication & Ecommerce Marketing