Pallavi Singh

Head of Marketing

MG Motor India Pvt. Ltd

MG Motor is an iconic British brand with a long legacy, and awareness amongst auto enthusiasts already exists. While you work towards the launch, how are you building the community of MG followers, and an aura of the brand in India.

That’s right. MG (Morris Garages) has a very rich legacy and heritage which is 94+ years strong. Also, MG has always been about people and experience, hence, our first focus is to build connected communities using all the tools available to us including mediums like Facebook. We did a digital campaign to identify and connect with our first loyalists – the classic MG owners in India. As a result, we have been able to create experiences for them and as the year progresses, we will be creating more initiatives to connect with the classic MG owners and future owners. We recently hosted MG Car Club all the way from Abingdon, UK in India and created an exclusive meet and greet with classic and future owners. We are also focussing on rich content as well as creating awareness about the brand for people who might not fall in the auto enthusiasts bucket.

What are the challenges you are facing while launching such brand to the masses?

Let’s not say masses because we will definitely target only the right kind of consumers instead of carpet bombing to masses. As a brand, MG indeed has a rich legacy but one of the challenges is to establish the brand as ‘future forward’ while retaining our heritage and remaining true to the brand core values which are people and experiences. We are also going to focus on connected communities which are going to be driven by experiences. Today, a lot of brands promise experiences to its customers so we will also need to ensure that our experiences are differentiated and something that money can’t buy.

What role does digital marketing play in the brand strategy for MG Motor?

MG is a digital first brand. While our marketing strategy is medium agnostic but we are filtering every aspect through digital because that’s where the consumer is. Where digital is mostly only used as an amplification medium, at MG we are going digital first and using the other mediums to build in surround sound for digital. Digital will not only reflect in our marketing approach but also, our dealerships, our service and after sales. We are using technology to advance and amplify our brand narrative and fortunately, everyone at MG is ready to fully embrace it, understand it, and integrate it to take the ‘brand experience’ to next level as well as measure the ROI.