The Future of Digital Marketing is Emotion

If your time machine zoomed you through the last 40,000 years, from paleolithic cave painters to the apostles of interconnected VR, you'd see one thing about humanity that never changes: emotion.  It's your consumers' lifeblood.

Fail to evoke emotion and even $176 million can't buy Hollywood a hit.  (Jupiter Ascending, anyone?)  Marketers who race to use each new technology can fail too if they don't master emotion.  The top writers and directors of Hollywood and Bollywood are gurus in the secret techniques of emotion.  Skills include: hooking audiences, moving audiences, and making them crave more.  The best digital marketing does the same.  David Freeman, Executive Vice President of Star India, will reveal some of these secret techniques and show how they can energise your future digital marketing campaigns. 

Where & When
Thursday, March 14th
9:30am - 10:00am
Executive Vice President, STAR INDIA
Star India