Spot the Fraud: How today's smartest marketers detect fraud and prevent it in real-time

Amid all the noise in the ad industry that data science and performance optimization can defeat mobile ad fraud, mobile marketers still suffer from persistently high fraud costs each year. But there are some marketers making progress in the fight against fraud. Singular took a deep dive into the latest mobile fraud data to examine how the world’s most sophisticated marketers are blocking fraud in real-time, before it can wreak havoc on their budgets and analytics.  This session will answer two critical questions: Which fraud signals are currently detecting and preventing the most fraud? And which media providers are doing the best job of keeping their sources clean?

To view the complete list of mobile ad channels driving the lowest rates of fraud, download the Singular Fraud Index here.

Where & When
Friday, March 9th
3:00pm - 3:10pm
Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer