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INTERVIEW – Up Close with Hina Mittal Nayar, Co-Founder & CEO at ProfiliAd Media Pvt. Ltd., a MainAd Company

Gain insights into how ad fraud is an industry by itself, its implications in the digital marketing scenario, and how brands and networks can overcome the challenge.

“According to estimates, mobile ad fraud costs advertisers more than $6.5 billion. In India the situation is far worse. Mobile Ad fraud is costing marketers around $330 mn in India. Mobile advertising click fraud in India is 2.5X higher than global averages, and mobile app install fraud is 1.5X higher.” To read the complete interview Click here

VIDEO – Voice of a Customer at a Screen Near You

Evolution of customer conversations has led to brands using dashboard, data and tech to analyse consumer queries, predict next steps etc. However, customers here are merely numbers on a dashboard, and involvement of brand managers and employees in day -to -day consumer queries is almost zero.

Let’s hear Andrew Williams, Chief Manager at Asian Paints Ltd talk about Voice of a Customer program by Asian Paints, which allows every employee access to customer queries from the helpline, and allows them to suggest ways in which the query can be handled by the company. This allows for all employees to be connected to the grass-root level issues of the organization’s products and services.

Interview with Adobe’s Sunder Madakshira

We've challenged marketing and ad-tech leaders to answer a series of questions in five words or less. No frills. No fluff. Just rapid-fire responses. Read Sunder’s thoughts on Industry shaping trends and the marketing world In 5 Words.

  • Sunder Madakshira, Head of Marketing, Adobe

To read the interview Click here

VIDEO – Predictive Analytics for Marketing Success

Watch JetPrivilege, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail and PaisaBazaar talk about how brands can be using consumer data effectively to create marketing success.

We are providing data to multiple brands through our phones, laptops, browsing patterns etc all the time. In a way too much data is made available to brands and using it efficiently remains a challenge. There are policies and regulations to consider and buzzwords like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to talk about. Let’s hear the veterans discuss the current landscape and the opportunities for brands here.

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