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INTERVIEW – Morden Chen, General Manager, Alibaba’s UC Ads

Influencer marketing still remains a struggle for most marketers, right from identifying the right influencers, to scaling campaigns and measurement of outcomes. We met with Morden Chen of UCAds to find out how these challenges can be resolved with their new product.

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VIDEO - Automation Meets Human Experience

Perhaps more than any other industry, marketing has been completely disrupted by technology. Marketers work tirelessly to track customers on their journey across new devices and platforms, and are looking to new and ever-evolving technologies to the streamline the process. But are we spending too much time on Technology? Join this debate on why is it important for brands to be at the forefront of technology innovation vs staying creative and being people driven, not tech/data driven.

VIDEO – Video First Country

India as a country has taken to video advertising like no other format. Bred on a culture of TV viewing & theatre, entertainment is one of the most consumed content on digital devices. Thanks to the advent of cheap internet and 4G technology, the format provides brands some golden opportunities to connect with audiences in a way that is distinctly their own.

Let's hear why video is the most accepted ad format in India, and the new opportunities that video creates, looking to onboard the next million users.

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MUMBAI…. Here we come

New City, More Excitement… Meet us for the 10th Edition of ad:tech in Mumbai on 28th - 29th November 2018 at JW Marriott, Sahar, Mumbai.

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