President & CEO AFFINITY

Lavin Punjabi is an ad tech entrepreneur dedicated to restoring trust between users and digital ads through privacy-first technology. With a proven track record in developing user-centric ad tech products, Lavin has consistently driven innovation and added substantial value to the industry. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Affinity, a company often referred to as the ‘Columbus of New Media,’ Lavin spearheads a portfolio of ad network and SaaS businesses. The ad networks focus on branding and performance solutions for advertisers across unique formats and placements (mCanvas, VEVE, SitePlug and YieldSolutions). The SaaS businesses include AdOpsOne, NucleusLinks and Opinary, the latter of which was acquired in 2023. These ventures operate on a global scale, spanning the US, UK, Europe, India, Indonesia, and China. Lavin’s profound involvement in the ad tech industry since 2004, marked by his pioneering of privacy-first technology and product-led impact on the future of digital advertising, has established him as a recognized industry expert.