BOOTH - Premium Pod #P7

Mediawide offers an enterprise-level Creative Management Platform (CMP) that enables brands, agencies and publishers to build, distribute and measure their digital creatives.

A CMP appeals to creative, production and ad ops teams who are looking for agile ways to operate programmatic creative campaigns.

We’re excited to launch our Personalized Video Marketing platform for the first time in Asia at the Digital Travel Summit 2019 event in Singapore. 

Mediawide platforms bring together the power of creative, data and technology to deliver wow moments at all stages of a customer journey – acquiring, onboarding, remarketing, engaging and upselling.

Our platform works with Adobe Experience Cloud – Analytics, Experience Manager, Campaign Manager, Advertising Cloud and Target.

Digital ads can be directly delivered to various Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) including Google, Facebook and other ad networks. Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO) is possible when integrated with Data Management Platform (DMPs) and the audience profile.

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