Channel Factory is a global technology and data platform that maximizes both performance efficiency and contextual suitability, delivering contextual performance for advertisers on YouTube. Channel Factory’s technology platform, ViewIQ, analyzes all YouTube channels and videos to ensure ads run on brand suitable and contextually relevant content. Channel Factory maximizes performance for advertisers on YouTube through managed service or self-service dynamic whitelists & blacklists, easily implemented through DV360 or Google Ads. Our platform is built to meet the needs of advertisers, offering standard IAB category lists or highly customized content lists in 36+ languages.

Why Contextual Suitability? In our reviews of campaigns run outside of Channel Factory, we see on average 28% of an advertiser’s campaign run against unsuitable videos, such as children’s content or against the wrong language.

Leveraging historical performance data is a key differentiator for Channel Factory. We do not just ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to contextual suitability. We incorporate active and historical campaign data into our ViewIQ platform and constantly optimize throughout the campaign, resulting in 30% efficiency in media spend.