TorcAI is a Global provider of Advertising Technology Solutions to key stakeholders of the Digital Marketing Ecosystem. Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, TorcAI specializes in “Programmatic IN-HOUSING”. Programmatic IN-HOUSING is the fastest growing trend among large advertisers and publishers worldwide, empowering them to control data, media buy, and spend. TorcAI facilitates a platform capable of bringing ROI with Transparency for the advertiser. TorcAI’s technology powers top advertisers, publishers.

Established in the year 2017, the company leads the technology space, providing highly customizable audience platforms, real-time biddable media systems & Marketplace. It is showing the fastest growth in the sector owing to its unique approach to digital advertising. TorcAI has offices in Mumbai, Delhi, and London.

We pioneer in deriving insights and inferences from the consumer behaviour. Consumer behaviour can be sourced from games, applications, CRMs, Signal data, DPI and/or cookie drops/tracks. We not only create inferences on scale but also enable the data to be used for various online and offline business models.