Nitin Gupta

Founder & CEO xapads

I am Nitin Gupta, I consider myself to be a Dreampreneur, Dreaming & Building Scalable Start-Ups.

I am passionate about Technology and I am currently building an Ad-tech company and taking it global, founded a Garage startup which is now having a base in 6 countries and has 9 offices, with a team of over 150. An optimistic by nature I am in continuous quest of Ideas that can help bring change and love the business life cycle of Dream, Start, Build and Help. I am a big believer in the Global market as One Market where we can co-exist, help and motivate each other to bring solutions for people. I see myself as a Dreamer, Serial Entrepreneur, and Responsible Dad. I think passion, hard work, and diligence are my best friends and I love to be with them. A big fan of Dan Brown, Ravi Subramaniam, Ben Mezrich, Amish Tripathi, Narendra Modi, and Sachin Tendulkar.