Pallavi Barman

Business Head and Fitness Ambassador HRX

Pallavi Barman is an informed, well networked, and future-ready brand specialist with over a decade of industry knowledge and understanding.

An engineer in her process orientation and a quasi-tech evangelist coupled with her affinity for planning and detailing acquired through an MBA – Pallavi has stepped up in her career bit by bit, garnering experiences from retail, fashion, consumer goods, and telecommunication to scale up to become a business Head at HRX and the Founder at LAP ventures.

HRX is India’s first homegrown fitness brand which is a forerunner and pioneer in several path-breaking initiatives in the world of fitness. If heading the business and growing it at a positive rate is stimulating for her, being a part of the on-ground communities, content writing and blogging are her passion projects. Being a fitness enthusiast herself, Pallavi doubles up as a KOL for the brand with her commentaries on fitness, nutrition, Women’s health, and holistic fitness. With the attitude and mindset of an everyday athlete, she has created a following for the brand and for herself as a content creator. Pallavi formally trains in calisthenics and practices movement training, weight training, and long-distance running on other days. She is a self-educated nutrition expert with a keen interest in research and experiment who has also counseled people and put them on the path of living a sustainable and holistic lifestyle through course correction, discipline, and course correction.

With her experience at HRX and consulting at other successful celebrity brands like House of Pataudi – the confidence in creating, building, and sustaining successful celebrity propositions was further strengthened and this was the germ that took the shape of LAP Ventures at the peak of pandemic. While most people were consolidating and withdrawing during the pandemic, Pallavi’s contrarian approach make her expand her horizons further and LAP ventures were set up in March of 2021.