Consumers today demand personal, relevant and timely experiences every time they interact with your brand. To deliver these high-quality digital customer experiences in real-time, across multiple channels, Brands are aggressively building a foundation of data driven integrated marketing and CX technology.

However, the issues that consumers and marketers both want to addressed today is Transparency. Consumers want more control over how their data is being used, while Brands are pushing for greater control and ownership of their data and want to build amazing customer experience without violating consumer privacy. Brands want assurances over quality of media they buy, demand greater supply chain transparency and clarity on where budgets are spent.

Marketers wish to showcase transparency while building experiences, in order to win not just the heart but also the mind of the consumer.

This year at ad:tech we understand the strategic shifts in our industry as consumer behaviour, digital regulations, and technical capabilities evolve. We explore opportunities to use AdTech solutions built upon trust to provide maximum value to customers in the coming years.