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Area of Expertise: Ad Fraud Mitigation | Partner Tracking | Brand Safety

ClearTrust provides security from Invalid Traffic to Publishers and Media Buyers and helps them stay compliant to the Media Rating Guidelines.

Available as SaaS, ClearTrust comes loaded with more than 100 in-built filters, readymade filter profiles, super transparent reporting, and marquee support.

We are the most sought-after solution for SMEs and SMBs when it comes to protection from IVT. Currently scanning more than 100 Billion events in a month, ClearTrust is gaining ground rapidly and positioning itself as a leader in this space.

Backed by Modulor Capital and Pentathlon Ventures, ClearTrust differentiates by using it’s self learning system , intelligence and an open filter framework which allows it to address newer IVT challenges in the fastest turnaround time.

If you are a publisher, into revenue monetisation, media buyer or are in the advertising supply chain , don’t hesitate to take our free trial and check it out. We have a promise to not break the bank when it comes to great scanning with the right price.

We will see you around on the other side.