Mobilizing 1st Party Data for Programmatic Advertising in a Cookieless World

An exclusive webinar by ad:tech and aroscop to talk about “Data & Programmatic Marketing ”. The Webinar is focussed on helping Brand Marketers and Agencies understand the value of their own data, enrich it, and navigate a cookie-less future in a privacy first world.

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aroscop - Data & Programmatic Marketing

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Aroscop & ad:tech present the report titled - "Mobilizing First-Party Data For Programmatic Advertising In a Cookieless World"

Together, we surveyed over 300 brand and agency leaders to understand how they are utilizing their (or their clients’) first-party data to enrich their online advertising.

We analyzed these responses and collated the findings into the report.

The report is packed with the insights, recommendations & solutions that can help you activate your first-party data to enrich online advertising".

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