Booth Number: 47

Area of Expertise: Ad Network | Mobile advertising | Performance Ad Network/Affiliate Network

Adsplay International is a cross channel, International Digital Ad-Network which offers 360 Degree solutions for digital marketing across desktop and mobile. We are a technology driven company, which creates tailor made solutions for every advertiser’s needs in no time. The advantage of working with us is transparency that builds respect and strong relationships with advertisers and publishers. We proudly accept that we are not at the epitome of the industry, but that’s what makes us hungry for more!! We are always open to new technology and innovations which led us to innovations in our video technologies and seamless deliveries on mobile.

Paytm Ads

Booth Number: 25

Area of Expertise: Publisher | Mobile advertising | Ad platform

Paytm Ads is a data driven digital advertising platform offering innovative ad solutions to clients across industries. It offers brands the opportunity to engage with 300Mn+ users who interact with several online & offline payment services offered by Paytm. Paytm Ads maps the user transactions to their lifestyle choices and creates customized segmentation cohorts for sharp targeting on Paytm and other 3rd party platforms.


Booth Number: D8

Area of Expertise: Video Player Platform | Video Ad Server | Video Performance Marketing

Performoo is the most sophisticated video player platform for Advertisers, Publishers, Marketers, Affiliates, and Ad Networks. It’s a one-stop solution for all video needs – Interactivity, Engagement, Performance, Delivery, Analytics, and Advertising.

Performoo makes it easy to create and deliver interactive video advertising to the multiscreen world. It reduces your video ad-serving cost by 50% with 25% better delivery performance.

Simple drag-n-drop video ad builder converts your raw videos into highly interactive and engaging video-creatives (ad tags) ready for the performance marketing campaigns with just a few clicks.


Booth Number: 20

Area of Expertise: Programmatic Platform | Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning | Cross-Device Marketing

VDO.AI is a global advertising technology innovator, providing brands and publishers with intelligent high-impact solutions that win the war for consumer attention. Our solutions offer unparalleled monetization management solutions across Web, CTV & OTT. We provide one-stop answers to drive the right outcomes for brands by combining creativity, reach and targeting across devices.

We can help you achieve enhanced brand awareness via proprietary technology and high-impact creative formats which provide high viewability and user engagement. We are a team of focused members who are committed to bringing a long-term change and a positive force to the AdTech ecosystem.

Havemore Media

Booth Number: D6

Area of Expertise: Ad–Network | Performance Ad Network/Affiliate Network | Mobile advertising

Havmor Media is a One-stop for Performance Advertising Platform brought in existence by a team of guys, having a vast experience in advertising domain. Designed to help advertisers to reach their goals & acquire active users and publishers to monetize their inventory.


Havmor Media provides brands with a well-tuned mechanism to implement their media strategies and engage the most motivated and interested audiences. We have a team of media buying experts who specialize in multi market campaign planning. Working with traffic has never been so simple!


Booth Number: 1

AnyMind Group is a technology company that provides a one-stop platform for brands to support production, e-commerce construction, marketing, and logistics in 13 markets and 17 offices around the world.

AnyTag provides marketers, agencies and influencer networks with a powerful, end-to-end platform to discover, activate, manage, track and attribute influencer marketing activities that drive recurring value.


Booth Number: 1

AnyMind Group is a technology company that provides a one-stop platform for brands to support production, e-commerce construction, marketing, and logistics in 13 markets and 17 offices around the world.

POKKT is the mobile advertising arm of Anymind group and caters to top global brands across verticals, helping them achieve a vast spectrum of marketing objectives.

Our key offerings include but are not limited to rewarded video ads, native ads, display and rich media interactive ads; we specialize in both brand and performance marketing across the digital spectrum.

Cloven Media

Booth Number: D3

Area of Expertise: Performance Ad Network/Affiliate Network | Ad Exchange | Publisher

Cloven Media was started in 2017 in the beautiful city, of Dehradun by engineering students with a strong drive to change an idea into a profitable business. We are mobile and digital advertising experts. Our aim is to empower clients with the best service to activate global audiences and move markets, powering consumer brands and agencies to reach, engage and convert the right audiences.

We are currently working on Performance Mobile and Programmatic Marketing channels – CPI, CPA, CPR, CPD, CPE & CPM via S2S, ORTB & VAST. Currently, we have around 1000 active pubs and 500+ advertisers helping us to provide better results to our partners.

Refpay Media

Booth Number: 51

Area of Expertise: Performance Ad Network/Affiliate Network

Founded in 2018, Refpay Media is now the leading solution-based digital marketing agency and an affiliate network headquartered in India with an overseas office in Singapore, providing exemplary services to its clients.

With a powerful network of affiliate marketing and technology, we aim to expand advertisers’ business and their ROI consequently maximizing Ad revenues for its Publishers by driving business growth across the entire Value Chain.

The high-level extensible framework, the “Pay for Performance model” is a completion-based affiliate pricing service. We are distinguished by our revolutionary and robust technologies, loaded with state-of-the-art tools, reporting, and real-time analytics. We are equipped with the power of purchase of our premium network of Advertisers and Publishers spread across the Globe. Our modifiable solutions endure collaboration throughout and maintain control over keystones via our feature-rich interface, for relevant, targeted, and accountable solutions that optimises the conversion rates and ROI. Our accomplishments speak for themselves.

Performance Launchpad

Booth Number: D10

Area of Expertise: Performance Ad-Network | Mobile Advertising | Social Media Marketing

Performance Launchpad is a Singapore and India based app marketing agency helping brands and advertisers with user acquisition campaigns by working on Performance-Based Cost Models. At Performance Launchpad, We align all our Marketing-Activities to have a positive return on your advertising spending. We are dedicated to making your presence known to the world. If you love marketing, we are your solution provider.

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