Chat360 IO

Booth Number: 52

Area of Expertise: Chatbot | Omnichannel Marketing | E-commerce

Chat360 is an omnichannel conversational commerce platform for enterprises across geographies. It leverages Chatbots and AI-powered solutions with a powerful analytics engine to help businesses generate leads, automate marketing and customer support, and engage customers throughout their life cycle on various platforms like Web Whatsapp, SMS, etc. with an automated and intelligent campaign management solution. Chat360 is sector agnostic and works with 150+ brands such as Audi, Reliance, Renault, and many others to help them increase their digital revenue and has plug-and-play integrations with over 25 platforms.


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Booth Number: 53

Gamezop is a plug-and-play solution for publishers and affiliates to generate additional revenue. Instead of intrusive advertising, Gamezop uses content such as games, quizzes, news, and astrology to engage users and drive revenue. Gamezop is trusted by over 5,000 publishers from 70+ countries, including Amazon, Paytm, Samsung Internet, Tata Play, Snap, AccuWeather, Gulf News, and Branch Metrics.

Start monetising with Gamezop in 30 minutes. To learn more, please visit business.gamezop.com .


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Booth Number: Pod H

Area of Expertise: Payments/Digital Currency/Wallets

Payoneer is the world’s go-to partner for digital commerce by providing cross-border remittance solutions.


Booth Number: C6

Area of Expertise: Mobile Advertising | Programmatic Platform | Retargeting

Clearpier is a leader in technology driven performance marketing providing a one stop solution for all your user acquisition needs. We use our first party data signals and media buying technology, optimization and expertise to deliver you the right customer across all screen formats using programmatic, social, native, rewarded and search.


Booth Number: 23

Area of Expertise: Affiliate Marketing Platform

EarnKaro is India’s top affiliate marketing platform with a community of over 3Mn nano-influencers & affiliates. We are one of the most ROI-effective marketing channel for brands, driving millions of traffic from deal seekers & ardent online shoppers. We work very closely with nano-influencers on Social, Telegram & WhatsApp where people share their product/deal recommendations and earn money on every successful sale. With deal automation tools like Affiliaters & ProfitShare, we are the go-to platform for affiliates, offering multiple affiliate campaigns under a single umbrella.

Lemma tech

Booth Number: Pod C

Area of Expertise: Programmatic Platform | Omnichannel Marketing | Ad(Tech)platforms

Lemma is one of the largest and fastest growing DOOH platform and the First end-to-end Programmatic DOOH exchange built on IABs Open RTB standard. By building to this standard, Lemma has enabled multi-channel buyers and suppliers to connect and transact in DOOH without having to modify their platforms or do a custom integration. This is a massive leap forward for the OOH industry, as it increases both access to supply and demand from a wider array of programmatic buyers and sellers around the globe including APAC, AMERICAS & EMEA.

Channel Factory

Booth Number: Lounge 9

Channel Factory is a global technology and data platform that maximizes both performance efficiency and contextual suitability, delivering contextual performance for advertisers on YouTube. Channel Factory’s technology platform, ViewIQ, analyzes all YouTube channels and videos to ensure ads run on brand suitable and contextually relevant content. Channel Factory maximizes performance for advertisers on YouTube through managed service or self-service dynamic whitelists & blacklists, easily implemented through DV360 or Google Ads. Our platform is built to meet the needs of advertisers, offering standard IAB category lists or highly customized content lists in 36+ languages.

Why Contextual Suitability? In our reviews of campaigns run outside of Channel Factory, we see on average 28% of an advertiser’s campaign run against unsuitable videos, such as children’s content or against the wrong language.

Leveraging historical performance data is a key differentiator for Channel Factory. We do not just ‘set it and forget it’ when it comes to contextual suitability. We incorporate active and historical campaign data into our ViewIQ platform and constantly optimize throughout the campaign, resulting in 30% efficiency in media spend.

Scientia Mobile

Booth Number: Pod G

Area of Expertise: Mobile Advertising | OTT | Data | Analytics | and Measurement

ScientiaMobile provides industry-leading device detection and website performance solutions for Advertising, eCommerce, Content Delivery Networks, Video and OTT platforms, Finance and Security, and Gaming industries. Customers include Google, Amazon, Oracle and hundreds of other internet leaders.

Viral Pitch

Booth Number: 1

Area of Expertise: Influencer Marketing

Viral Pitch is a World’s 1st Self Serve Influencer Marketing Platform, helping brands to elevate, automate and authenticate influencer marketing campaigns by showcasing First Party Data coming directly from the Instagram & Youtube APIs.

In addition to our innovative platform, we offer a range of solutions to help brands maximize the impact of their campaigns. Our end-to-end campaign management services ensure that every aspect of the campaign is carefully planned and executed for maximum results. Our team of experts can help you with creative ideation, ensuring that your campaign is both impactful and memorable. We also offer video production services to help bring your campaign to life in a way that engages and inspires your target audience.

Our mission is to empower brands and influencers with data-driven insights, enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence. We firmly believe that by fostering mutually beneficial partnerships in the influencer marketing space, everyone stands to benefit and succeed.


Booth Number: Pod I

Area of Expertise: Data | Analytics | Measurement & Verification

TrafficGuard’s comprehensive ad verification and fraud prevention has been recognised by App Growth Awards, Effective Mobile Marketing Awards, MarTech Breakthrough Awards, Future Digital Platinum Award as well as Australia Financial Review’s Most Innovative.

TrafficGuard detects, mitigates and reports on digital ad fraud before it hits your advertising budget. Sitting within the advertising journey, TrafficGuard analyses impressions, clicks, conversions and events to mitigate ad fraud at its earliest reliable detection. Our proactive approach keeps your performance data clean and helps you scale and optimise your advertising confidently.

No more aggressive blacklists hidden in black boxes. TrafficGuard is surgical by nature, relying on statistical invalidation rather than blanket blocking. Our surgical approach mitigates false positives and protects your valid traffic. Transparency is at the heart of our platform, giving you clear reasons for every invalidated engagement; and also enabling you to give agencies and traffic sources access to reporting on their traffic. This drives your advertising performance by helping your supply chain to optimise campaigns in real time rather than wasting time sending spreadsheets and manually reconciling media volumes.

TrafficGuard is trusted to protect ad spend of leading global businesses including super-apps Rappi and GoJek; major game developer, Glu Mobile; mobile ad agency, MUV; and eCommerce giants Bukalapak and Centauro.

Founded in 2015, TrafficGuard is a subsidiary of Australian Securities Exchange listed, Adveritas Limited (ASX: AV1) with global operations.

Learn more about TrafficGuard’s comprehensive ad fraud protection at trafficguard.ai


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