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Static methods of targeting that have become the norm in digital marketing are Demographics – age, gender, and Geography. But how do you tackle the missed potential of reaching a wider range of target customers who were disregarded as they did not fit those segment criteria? Enter Audience Marketing, which takes a different approach to targeting by considering the behavior, moments, and mindsets of people throughout all demographic cohorts and target them according to those characteristics, in both message and delivery. In Digital Audio, thanks to the rich streaming insights that can be layered with first & third-party data inputs from various channels, brands are seeing success in focusing on specific audiences & going beyond demographic targeting only.

Join us for a conversation to understand the challenges, opportunities, and solutions in taking an Audience Marketing approach in Digital Audio and hear the viewpoints of all key stakeholders – brand, publisher, agency & technology partners.

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Vice President, Brand Solutions
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Vice President, Brand Solutions
Chief executive officer
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Gursimran Singh
Head of Brand Strategy and Creative Solutions
Tejinder Gill
General Manager
Gaurav Tiwari
Premjeet Sodhi
Chief Strategy Officer
Suhani Arora
Director, Brand Solutions Marketing
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