#3:30PM - 3:35PM

3:30PM - 3:35PMINTRO

The programmatic world has undergone a massive acceleration with marketers relying heavily on this technology to address all parts of the marketing funnel, and drive the best targeting, engagement and sales, while optimizing for spends and channels in real time.

Data and analytics have been the key pillars to help them in this journey, and marketers have become creative with them; experimenting with diverse targeting & measurement options, dynamic creatives, multi-channel approaches to create relevant and value-added communication and experiences for their consumers.

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#3:35PM - 4:45PM
Panel Discussion

3:35PM - 4:45PMThe Programmatic Evolution

The discussion will focus on the evolution of the programmatic journey in the last 20 months. We discuss the decreasing gap between brand and performance marketing, thanks to more efficient consumer targeting, measurability and transparency of media buying through programmatic channels; and how it has influenced the marketing scenario overall.

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