Prasad Sanagavarapu

Chief Business Officer Invidi

Prasad is a business leader and technologist with a career spanning over two decades in the fields of content distribution, advertising, security, and media appliances. Currently as Chief Business Officer at Invidi, his role includes driving Cross Platform Content monetization through Advanced Advertising at various Distributors and Content Programmers with Invidi Product Line. In his previous roles, Prasad provided strategy consulting to various PayTV operators across APAC and Africa, with a particular focus on cross screen monetization.

Prasad has successfully built and exited multiple startups. His recent experiences include as a Co-Founder/CEO for Kiora – a content distribution platform for low-bandwidth domains which pioneered a patented secure micro cloud architecture.

Prior to this, Prasad held various senior engineering and business leadership roles at Motorola, Intertrust and Sun Microsystems. Prasad has also co-founded WebSprocket, which did initial technology contributions to the first definitions of a SDN (software defined network). He holds patents in Targeting, Ad Delivery and Data Monetization.

He received a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Automation from Indian Institute of Science, an MBA from California State, and is also an INSEAD alumni.