Rohit Verma

Co-Founder & CEO

Rohit is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of life experience in the field of Digital Advertising, Media & the Telecom sector. In his career span, he led P&L-focused teams to deliver multi-million revenue numbers & strategic business partnerships.

Rohit has demonstrated an uncanny knack for identifying & pursuing latent business trends. Among them, notably, one of the industry’s first, Rohit led innovations around the telecom data and brought in disruptions in the AD network and DMP businesses in 2012. This trendsetting fuelled many AD networks, telecom companies to focus on media & data monetization. He led the launch of the “Audience Pro (https://bit.ly/3xFYjgO )” product suite at Vserv, a leading AD TECH company (Vserv.com).

Rohit in his current CEO role at TorcAI, manages the P&L and Sales for the company, that he co-founded in 2017. At TorcAI, the team set out with a vision to build an advertising ecosystem that is transparent, efficient and ML led. Since its inception, the team has leveraged its expertise and experience to deliver bespoke projects across the ad tech ecosystem. Some of the projects include Paytm (India’s largest Payment app – Alibaba funded) and Vodafone India (India’s 3rd largest Telcom operator).

Key career goals include: 

  • Building alternate Advertising ecosystem for Brands & publishers
  • Enabling Telecom operators to take a strategic position in the AD TECH industry
  • Build transparent and inclusive media & data marketplace

Rohit is 46 years old, lives in Greater Noida, India with a wife and twin daughters. He loves to travel and play chess.